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SNES version

Japanese title screen.
The game's title screen.
All is not well in the Sakazaki household...
Ryo Sakazaki. He's single, girls!
Robert Garcia. Rich boy, and single too!
The Options mode. Note the extra Stereo mode. Use this and the game will have surround sound!
The Versus mode. You can use everyone, even the bosses!
Story mode. You can only use Robert and Ryo.
TELL HIM, TODOH! [Yes, he's in Capcom Vs. SNK 2!]
And finish with an uppercut. Inflicts anywhere from 50 to 70% of damage!
D'oh! You lose.
Everyone must charge their Spirit meter [second bar] to be able to perform special moves.
Flexibility at its best.
So we beat you up for nothing?!
South Town, ten years before Fatal Fury.
Chewing bubble gum won't help you get respected, Jack...
Just 'cause he's big and fat does not mean you can't throw him around!
The Hienshippukyaku's finisher!
Good. So you only hurt old men?
After two fights, you can choose from one of three bonus stages.
In the first, you can raise your Spirit bar so you can perform more special moves.
In the second, you can earn more energy.
And in the third, you can learn the Haohshokoken.
Ryo Sakazaki learns the Haohshokoken!
After you pass the bonus rounds, the game will teach you a new special move! Pictured: Koohken.
So he uses his own version. Copycat!
Bah, here, a Haohshokoken for you!
Here, Robert is teaching King how to do a waltz... or not.
Robert finishing off King. If you beat her with a special move, her shirt will rip off!
Smug rich boy.