Bahamut Lagoon Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen
The intro is colorful, featuring lots of cool dragons
The dragon is flying through the clouds...
As the credits run, various locations and scenes are introduced
The king of Kahna is in a serious trouble
Naming your characters
The game features many reminiscence episodes
Lovely scene on a balcony...
Conference in the throne room
Battle outside of the castle
This menu allows you to manage items, equipment, and view character statistics
Individual battles are displayed in such a way, and are interactive, like in "normal" RPGs
Our dragon attacks. The poor enemy soldier is on fire...
Everyone levels up!..
Something must be done about those weather conditions
Also like in "normal" RPGs, you can move around and enter houses in this game (though this is kept to minimum)
You can train and customize your dragons
The dragon is flying outside of the castle walls - beautiful scene!..
Battle on a peninsula. Player's turn, actions menu
We take on enemy soldiers, encouraged by the beautiful backgrounds...
Battle in forest.
Dragon's melee attack.
Fire! My enemies will burn!
Kidnapped Princess
Good Twinhead, good...