Bass Masters Classic Credits (SNES)

Bass Masters Classic SNES Title screen


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Bass Masters Classic Credits


Game ConceptLarry Siegel
ProducerDonn W. Nauert
Game ChampionAlison Locke
Game DesignTodd Tomlinson, Dan Burke, Donn W. Nauert, Robert Tegel Bonifacio
Technical DesignRobert Tegel Bonifacio, Bob Polaro, Steven R. Bjork, Matthew C. Harmon
ProgrammingMatthew C. Harmon, Bob Polaro, Steven R. Bjork
MusicPhil Crescenzo
Sound EffectsPhil Crescenzo
Artwork & DesignTodd Tomlinson, Steve Burke, Shaun Tsai, Dan Burke, Luke Anderson, Eric Elliot, Charles R. Navarro
Special ThanksSteve Ryno, John Kreng, Jon Osborn, Jon Anderson, Jamie Saxon, Sanders Keel, Jason Marshall, Jerome Strach, Germaine Gioia, Brian J. Farrell, Jill Belasco
©1994Malibu Games [a division of THQ Inc.]
Licensed by Nintendo
Chip Level Designs Audio Driver ©1994 Bitmasters Inc.

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