Written by  :  scabadoo (38)
Written on  :  Oct 10, 2006

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Fun, but also hard.

The Good

The graphics were really nice. Good sound/ music most of the time. A cool move for the brawler genre where Batman smashes two goons heads together.

The Bad

The difficulty is very high. The boss fights are some of the hardest the brawler genre has ever seen, but it's more due to unfairness, then actual well thought out AI routines. The driving levels were not fun.

The Bottom Line

Well it's like Double Dragon, but you are Batman instead of Jimmy Lee. You wander around, beating people up, until you destroy the Penguin. There are some driving levels, but they are not the diversion you would hope them to be.

The game is fun enough, but Final Fight and it's sequels on the SNES are better overall. The difficulty is almost inexcusable at times and Konami should have brought it down considerably.

The one thing Batman Returns really has going for it is that it's a Batman game that isn't awful, a very rare occurrence in the pantheon of Caped Crusader games.