Batman Returns Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Wow, look at this, Danny DeVito! ;)
The hero
Michelle Pfeiffer. Good to see her ;)
The three main characters, just like in the movie
On the batmobile into the battle!
Fighting on the streets of Gotham
This nasty fellow spits fire on you
Fighting pesky fat clowns in front of a truck
Christmas at Shreck's
Boss battle
Meeting Michelle... ahem... Selina ;)
Breaking those trash bins will reveal some useful items
Going upstairs, with enemies falling on your head
The usual Batman equipment is always with you
Be careful not to step into the fire
Fighting swordsmen on a snowy level
I'm fighting here, and you are reading a NEWSPAPER?! ;D
Battle against the strong guy. Boy, is he tough...
Motorcycle rider. Best defeated with batarangs
Smashing Thin Clown against a wall
Enemy with a bazooka
Using a test tube - instant kill for all regular enemies on screen
Obligatory elevator section
These clowns throw fire
Catwoman is very fast and difficult to hit
Game Over screen
Smashing two foes against each other
First encounter with the Penguin
Batmobile stage
Boss van
Penguin's true nature revealed
On a train, and the rider in the back is throwing dynamite at me
You need to jump over these. Most enemies can't jump, thankfully
Fighting an aggressive boss and his minions
In this scene penguins fire rockets into the play area
The Penguin's mechanical duck
Showdown with the Penguin