Battle Clash Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen.
Title screen (Japanese).
Adjusting Super Scope's aim.
Mode selection.
Not a "level-select" screen, but a "look where you will go next screen"
A brief dialog between Thanatos' first Chief (left) and Michael Anderson (right).
After this brief dialog, you are ready to start the game... or not?
Taking the enemy apart, limb by limb
Egypt has seen better days... (level 2)
He's dancing the dance of death (level 3)
This level even goes vertically (level 4)
I can't shoot a woman! ... well, maybe I can ;)
Higher math ... (level 5)
Those orbs are this enemies weakness (level 5)
As the fight goes on, his armor deteriorates
He's big ... (level 6)
Not much left of this one
Duck and cover! (Level 7)
After defeating all enemies on earth, the game advances into space
This one hides behind a shield, sissy (level 8)
Last man standing
Shakespeare ...
I'm using a power up to best this monster
Not so mighty now, are you!
Looks like he still had a trick up his sleeve
I'm done ...
After beating the game, each enemy is shown together with the time it took to beat him