BattleTech: A Game of Armored Combat Credits


ProgrammerRichard J. Wifall
Technical AssistanceJohn Schappert, Jason G. Andersen, Ian Schmidt, Jack Fearon, Greg Jobes, Steven Chiang, John Morrison
SoundBrian Schmidt
MusicBrian Schmidt
ProducerKelly Walker Rogers
Associate ProducerTin Guerrero
Activision TestersKen Ramirez (Lead), Roy Houlette, Douglas Jacobs, David King, David Roseborough
Special ThanksMary Eubank, Melissa Morrison, Tom Dowd
Quality AssuranceJon Doellstedt
Quality Assurance ManagerDavid Arnspiger
Documentation ManagerMichael Rivera
Copy WriterVeronica Milito
Manual LayoutSylvia Orzel
Package DesignRon Graening

Original Version

ProgrammersMichael Case, Mick West
ArtistsNoel Hines, Christian G. Senn
Malibu ProducerBernard Whang
Extreme ProducerDavid A. Luehmann
Extrreme Associate ProducerRandy Oyler
Project ManagerYasushi Kurosawa
Executive ProducerDenny Thorley
Game DesignMichael Case, Noel Hines, David A. Luehmann, Randy Oyler, Denny Thorley, Mick West, Bernard Whang
Game ConceptDenny Thorley
Level DesignRandy Oyler, Bernard Whang
Mad Cat Animation and CinemasNoel Hines
Additional ArtJayne Shrigley, Jeff Godfrey, Michael Hulme, Bernard Whang
Sound EffectsEric Hammond, Brian Howarth, Bernard Whang
Based on Original Score byKeith Arem
Computer VoiceValerie Michelle Arem

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