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Game Players (Apr, 1994)
So why wait for fall and the kickoff of another college football season? Bill Walsh College Football makes you feel like you're on campus - without all those boring classes to attend.
GamePro (US) (Apr, 1994)
Bill Walsh College Football has a few minor flaws, but don't let that keep you from putting it at the top of the Heisman Trophy list. EA Sports has done it again.
Video Games (Apr, 1994)
Von den drei erhältlichen Versionen von Bill Walsh College Football ist die vorliegende sicherlich die Beste. Die grafischen Vorteile des Super Nintendos werden voll ausgenutzt, die rotierende Zeitlupe, die Ihr schon von Madden NFL ‘94 kennt, begeistert mich noch immer. Das neue Play-Calling-Menü nervt jedoch unheimlich, da es länger dauert, den gewünschten Spielzug zu finden, und Ihr nur 25 Sekunden Zeit habt, Euch festzulegen. Dafür spielt der Computergegner unheimlich intelligent und schnell. Es erfordert viel Training, um die erste College-Meisterschaft zu erringen. Obwohl Bill Walsh College Football ein ausgezeichnetes Modul ist, kommt es nicht an die Klasse der neuesten Madden-Version heran.
The game does have its share of faults, however. It needs a battery to save statistics and season progress. The computer is not hard to beat, although it is better at playing defense than previous football games. It is also slow to react to your tendencies, so don't be surprised when you march up and down the field using only the "Hail Mary" play while the computer seems clueless. By the time it reacts, you're already up by two or three touchdowns! Fortunately, Bill Walsh College Football supports Hudson Soft's Super Multitap for five-player action, so you can take on a few friends for a real challenge. While Bill Walsh College Football may not grab you if you already own and enjoy Madden NFL '94, if you're a fan of the triple option, your game has arrived.