BioMetal Credits (SNES)

BioMetal SNES Title screen.


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BioMetal Credits

Athena Credits

Executive ProducerSakae Nakamura
ProgrammerKenichi Kunikyō
Graphic DesignersMasaki Ohno, Yasuo Yamaguchi
Sound EffectYoshio Nagashima
Game DesignersKenichi Kunikyō, Masaki Ohno
Sound DriverKouichi Ishibashi (K. 'Red' Ishibashi)
Tool SupportTsutomu Tabata
Special Thanks toShotaro Sasaki (Sho), Noriyuki Takasaki, Masahiro Koyama, Takeshi Kikuchi

Activision Credits

ProducerKelly Walker Rogers
Music ProductionAli Lexa, John Rodriguez, Ubik Musik Productions
Bio‑Metal VIPsBill Swartz, Nathalie Deschartes, Christian Campbell, Mika Kawamura
Music LicensingStephanie Shepherd, Brian Kelly, Ali Lexa
Special Thanks toJurgen Korduletsch, Radikal Records, Byte Records, 2 Unlimited
Thanks toThe Activision fans!

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