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    Defeat the Dark Dragons, and bring back light to the world!

    In a distant land, peace was maintained for thousands of years by the powerful Dragon Clan. One day, the goddess Tyr appeared to them and offered to fulfill their every wish. Greed split the clans into the Dark Dragons and the Light Dragons, who battled to win Tyr's magic as she watched and encouraged their war. A warrior emerged from the Light Dragons, and with his seven companions, he sealed the goddess into another realm.

    Centuries have passed, and the Dark Dragons are destroying villages in search of the goddess keys to release Tyr from her prison. A new warrior must arise to face this latest blight!

    Join Ryu as he embarks on an adventure of a lifetime! He will need to rely on his companions if he is to rediscover the lost powers of the Light Dragons and save his sister, Sara, from the evil clutches of the Dark Dragons. Fight, and prove that the Warrior of the Dragon is not just a myth!

    Contributed by Harmony‚ô° (20152) on Jul 24, 2016. - SNES:

    Breath of Fire is a deep role-playing game designed to test the adventuring skills of even the most experienced gamer. Breath of Fire has an automatic battle command fighting system and some of the best spells effects ever seen on a 16-bit system. For example, the Hero can learn to transform into nine different types of dragons, and the Thief can create super-characters by fusing different party members together.

    Like any great RPG, Breath of Fire has an intriguing storyline. An evil sorceress brings two competing dragon clans under her diabolical spell. Capable of transforming themselves into savage monsters with awesome powers of destruction, the clan members are bent on destroying the world. A young adventurer and seven warriors are awakened from an eternal slumber to wage war against the shape-changing enemies and save the world.

    Check out our detailed FAQs for great Breath of Fire gameplay tips.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65856) on Apr 25, 2005. - Game Boy Advance:
    Game Boy Advance breathes new life into a classic RPG.

    Thanks to Game Boy Advance, there has never been a better time to be an RPG fan. From brand new adventures like Golden Sun to converted classics like Breath of Fire, Role Playing Games are making a huge splash on GBA.

    Breath of Fire debuted on the Super NES in August of 1994, and die-hard fans of the series have never let it drift too far out of mind. Now that Breath of Fire is available in a portable version, it's sure to win over whole new legions of fans.

    Breath of Fire is the epic saga of a world ravished by the warring forces of the Light Dragons and the Dark Dragons. A boy hero named Ryu embarks on a quest to save the land, and discovers an unlikely cast of companions to help him along the way.

    Seven characters will eventually join Ryu's party, each with unique talents and abilities. Gobi, a fish-like merchant, has the ability to move around in the water. Ox, a hulking beast from a weapon-forging clan, can smash through rocks and walls. The secret to success is to take advantage of the strengths of all party members.

    Classic RPG-style battles will test your strategic planning, and creative puzzles will keep you guessing throughout the entire journey. Capcom even spruced up the quest with enhanced graphics and the ability to trade items with your friends by using the Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable.

    Breath of Fire is available now.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66829) on Dec 25, 2004.

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    BREATH of FIRE NOW YOU'RE PLAYING WITH FIRE! In a distant land, peace was maintained for thousands of years by a fearful dragon clan who could transform into powerful monsters. One day they discovered a goddess who could fulfill their every wish. Greed split the clan into dark and light dragons, each battling the other to win her magic. One member of the light dragons, along with seven of his companions, emerged to keep the opposing forces from destroying the world. Using six magical keys, they sealed the goddess into another realm. Centuries have passed. The dark dragons are destroying the land in search of the keys. When they find the keys, they will once again release the magic goddess. Light dragon ... The time has come to draw your sword and fight for the future of your people. BROUGHT TO YOU BY SQUARESOFT, THE MAKERS OF THE FINAL FANTASY SERIES.

    Contributed by fooziex (2946) on Jul 30, 2004.

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    Discover the Land of the Dragon Tribe

    Long ago in the days of darkness and magic, a young wanderer comes face to face with his destiny. You control the fate of Ryu, a young warrior and descendant of the Light Dragon Clan. Together, with your mystical friend, Nina, you must search for magic spells and mysterious secrets. Along the way, gain experience and skill as you battle against strange monsters. Uncover valuable secrets that will help you on your adventure and unlock the secrets of the Dragon Clan.

  • The classic RPG adventure that started it on the Game Boy Advance system
  • Hundreds of spells help characters transform into dragons and other beasts
  • Exchange items with your friends using the Game Link Cable
  • Use your combat and exploration skills on your quest...even learn to fish!

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69396) on Aug 11, 2002.