Brett Hull Hockey 95 Credits (SNES)

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Brett Hull Hockey 95 Credits


DesignRadical Entertainment Ltd.
ProducerKevin Wilkinson
ProgrammersBrian Carpenter, Chris Robertson, Dave Roberts
ArtistsMike Jackson, Arthur We
MusicianPaul Wilkinson
Executive ProducerPam Levins
TestersMichael Person, Tomi Quintana, Randall Hauser
Game AnnouncerAl Michaels
Product Marketing MgrDaniel Jeung
Manual WritersPhilip Stromer, Pam Levins
Technical AssistanceChip Level Designs
Special thanks toSusie Mathieu (St. Louis Blues), Michael Pithey (Jack Nicklaus Productions Inc.), Michael Barnett (IMG), Doug Reid (NHLPA), John Cramer (Easton), Kathleen Bertolani (Easton)

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