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Stage 01: The City
Wouldn't you just love to grab a police car and start throwing it at someone?
The captain is about to use his sledgehammer
The captain's magic
Say hello to Dolg
Stage 02: The Museum
The captain takes a hit
Some cavemen watch what is happening in front of them
Marbin may be cute to you. Too bad his breath is lethal
Stage 03: The Ninja House
The captain has found a temple
"Help! I am surrounded by Musashis!"
Say hello to Yamato
Stage 04: The Circus
"That monster is just too big for me to handle on my own."
Introducing Baby Commando
Stage 05: The Seaport
Destroy the doctor
Stage 06: The Aqauarium
Meet Z
Say hello to Shtrom
Stage 07: Underground Base
Here's Mack
He's having a Mack-Attack
These poor bastards are getting their brains sucked out
Say hello to Boots
Stage 08: Enemy's Ship
Say hello to Doppel