Clay Fighter Credits


Game DesignGregory A. Thomas, Matthew Crysdale, Jason G. Andersen, Jeffrey J. Thomas
ProgrammingJason G. Andersen
Art DirectionMatthew Crysdale
ArtLeandro Peñaloza, Matthew Crysdale
Additional ArtEric David Browning, Alvin Cardona, Dean Lee, Phillip Vaughan
Character Design and AnimationDanger Produtions
Character DirectionKen Pontac, David Bleiman
Character SculptersJosephine Huang, Ralph Miller
Character Animation DesignDoug Post
Character Clay AnimationKen Willard
Music and Sound EngineJohn Schappert, Jason G. Andersen
Special ThanksColin Silverman, Emil Stanton, Anthony Caton, Tim Meekins


ProducerMichael Quarles
Game DesignJeremy Airey
Assistant ProducerEric DeMilt
MusicMitchell Stein, Brian Luzietti
Title MusicBrian Luzietti
Sound FX and SamplesCharles Deenen
Title Music ConceptCharles Deenen, Brian Luzietti
VoicesMichael McConnohie, Steve Bulen, Melodee M. Spevack, Brian Luzietti, Charles Deenen
Vocal ArrangementJames Peacock
Audio ProductionCharles Deenen
Technical AssistanceScott L. Patterson, Phil Britt
Director of Quality AssuranceKerry Garrison
Assistanty Directory of Quality AssuranceRodney N. Relosa
Play TestersWilliam Church, Raphael Goodman, Frank Alberry, Andrew Welty, Koik
Game Manual WritersFeargus Urquhart, Eric DeMilt
Game Manual Computer GraphicsLarry Fukuoka
Game Manual IllustrationVince Carino
Game Manual Layout / DesignBruce Warner
Package Cover SculptureJohn Lemmon Films Charlotte NC
Executive ProducerBrian Fargo

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (76614) and tlm (601)