Claymates Credits (SNES)

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Claymates Credits


Designed ByGregory A. Thomas, Colin Silverman, Jeremy Airey, Michael Quarles, Jim Gardner, Jeffrey J. Thomas
ProgrammingBrian Greenstone, Scott L. Patterson
ArtworkColin Silverman
Clay Models and AnimationA‑OK Animation, Angie Glocka, Owen Klatte
Additional Clay ModelsBrian Giberson
MusicBrian Luzietti, Charles Deenen
Sound EffectsCharles Deenen
Audio ProductionCharles Deenen
Additional ArtworkDavid Mosher, Robert Nesler, Spencer Kipe
World EditorScott L. Patterson
Music and Sound Engine (A.R.D.I.)Jim Sproul, John Philip Britt
Technical AssistanceJason G. Andersen, Tim Meekins, Jonah Stich, John Schappert
ProducerMichael Quarles
Executive ProducerBrian Fargo
Director of QAKerry Garrison
Asst. Director of QARodney N. Relosa
Lead QA TesterWilliam Church
QA TestersDean Schulte, Christoper A. Tremmel
Modem TechnicianChristopher Taylor

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