Claymates Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen.
Jobo the Shaman turns Clayton into a ball of clay
The overworld map
Each level has its own name
Oozy attacks with a roar - the shells of these snails bounce off after you hit them
A star such as this is an extra life
Funnels like these will activate a power - in this case, the eye will reveal hidden gems
Hitting the pinata will reveal lots of gems
Oozy rides an elevator
These symbols can be used to open bonus boxes with the same symbol
Some blocks reveal secret elevators that take you to new areas
Entering a bonus level
These red things act as trampolines
As Clayton, you can only punch slowly.
This balloon acts as a check point
Watch out for venus fly traps!
Squeezing through this funnel activates the hammer, which stops enemies
At the end of each level, you must pass through here and lose all your powers
If you collect all letters of the word 'clay', you'll get a bonus
Get enough gems and you can visit a bonus level
Once you finish the level, you must guide the robots to chop down the trees for you
Muckster can climb trees and other walls
These leaves will fall after you step on them
The magnet power up attracts all nearby gems to you
Watch out for the electric sparks on the wires!
Collecting a large green gem
In the city
Flying up to a higher level
These sparkles indicate that you are invincible
Clayton travels through the street's sewers