Cyber Knight II: Chikyū Teikoku no Yabō Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen
Introducing the commander
The commander fights melee
Vynd is facing a group of enemies
Shine uses an impressive hit-all attacks
Approaching a hostile territory...
Military base
Battle in progress
Starting a battle
The Galvodirge, like the Swordfish in the previous game, is a menu system between areas
Galvodirge's medical bay where wounds are healed, dead characters ressurected and games saved through "cloning"
Galvodirge's Lounge is used to switch between party members
Galvodirge's airlock allows characters to debark without combat modules
Galvodirge's Laboratory is where all NeoParts are analysed
Galvodirge's Hanger is where Modules are equipped, maintained and exit the ship
Galvodirge's Training simulator will recreate battles on any world previously visited. A quick way to gain experience points.
The resistance base against the Earth Federation
The module named "Cyber" has the special ability to detect landmines
Each module has an agility rating which determines it's movement
The Galvodirge is able to long jump between stars via this starmap
Hyperspace Travel, also known as a "Long Jump"
Travel between planets within a solar system is done via a "Short Jump". Galvodirge's computer AIDA automatically scans planets.
Like the first Cyber Knight, most planets serve no purpose and are dead rocks.
Cyber Knight isn't all about exploring space. Here's we see the interior of a sewer system
War is hell.
Most combat locations are a giant maze
When out exploring, this is the main menu, mainly used to repair, heal and review character stats
Each module is only capable of carrying certain kinds of weaponry.
When planetside, the player only ever uses six modules... but the Galvodirge carries more than six to choose from.
Infiltrating an expensive mansion
The story so far...