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Category Description MobyScore
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.1
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.5
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.4
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.5
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 4.0
Overall MobyScore (8 votes) 4.1

The Press Says

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Video Game Den
Assault Suits Valken is an amazing experience and it is at the pinnacle of my list of incredible action games for the Super Famicom system.
Call it Assault Suits Valken, call it Target Earth 2, call it Cybernator. There are lots of things you can call this confusingly and frequently redubbed mech romp, but the sane among us who've played it will settle for awesome! On a system whose unsung sidescrollers shine the brightest over shallow Contra III and pushover Castlevania IV, Valken is at the very head of the pack, a system seller that never sold a system and a buried treasure that's one of the proud few still worth digging up today.
GameFan Magazine
Konami has maxed out the SNES this time with Cybernator! Coming close to perfection from the graphics to the music, nothing was overlooked. It's like playing a movie with a full musical soundtrack and an intense storyline that keeps you on the edge of your seat! Possible candidate for game of the year.
Mean Machines
It may not provide the pure adrenaline rush that Contra Spirits gives but Cybernator still rates as one of THE top platform shoot 'em ups available for the Super NES and I can't think why anyone would be dumb enough to pass this up. You've got to get it!
Nintendo Magazine System UK
A high quality blast with enough novel features to mark it a head above the rest. However some may find the excessive presentation a bit too much.
Super Play Magazine UK
The best things about Valken is the sheer variety of gameplay to be found within the blasting action, and the amount of thought and detail that's gone into the game's design. All six of the main buttons on the joypad serve a purpose, and, remarkably, the action never gets too complicated to handle. Sure, the game never deviates from the simple task of destroying the enemy, but enough variety has been added to this simple task to make for a fascinatingly compulsive game. Graphically the game's spectacular too, with colourful metallic backdrops, and some great special effects. It's really well animated too, with some fabulous little touches. Sound is great too, with noisy explosions and smart clunking effects as your assault suit lands on the ground.
Grazie alla perfetta alchimia tra un gameplay di alto livello e un comparto tecnico raffinato, Assault Suits Valken si guadagna un posto tra i migliori titoli per Super Famicom. Assolutamente irrinunciabile.
Nintendo Land
The thing that makes Cybernator so special is the shield that makes this game less hectic than other action games. Instead you must study each enemy and learn their patterns so you know when to take down the shield and attack and when not to. This handy shield doesn´t make the game to easy if you think so, even if I would rather recommend games like Contra 3 if you want a real challenge. Both Contra 3 and Super Castlevania is better choices than Cybernator but when they are finished then maybe you should start thinking about getting yourself a copy of Cybernator.
Stunning soundtrack, incredible effects, out of this world graphics and gameplay to rival the coin-ops, it's all here.
Power Unlimited
De mensen van Konami zijn de meesters van de shoot 'em up, en Cybernator is weer eens zo'n spel dat die bewering bewijst. Er zijn vele wapens en levels, het verhaal is spannend, en het enige nadeel is dat het soms wel heel druk wordt op het scherm.
Mega Fun
Für Leute, die sich in die Helden von Super Probotector verliebt haben, ist Cybernator das gefundene Fressen. Zwar müßt ihr grafisch und akustisch ein wenig zurückstecken, erhaltet aber ein solides Jump'n Shoot, mit dem Ihr viel Freude haben werdet. An dieser Stelle sei vor dem recht hoch angesetzten Schwierigkeitsgrad gewarnt, den selbst Profis nicht mit einem Achselzucken abtun. Otto-Normal-Spieler hingegen werden noch einiges mehr zu knabbern haben, aber damit auch eine längere Zeit beschäftigt sein (viel Spiel fürs Geld?). Cybernator bietet außerdem eine Aufmachung mit Funkverkehr und einem toll animierten Helden (wenn Ihr schießt, fliegen sogar Patronenhülsen davon). Wer also auf eine Fortsetzung von Super Probotector hofft (noch keine in Aussicht), der sollte sich zur Überbrückung den Cybernator holen.
Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
This game is a Super NES update of the Genesis classic Target Earth. But the game designers have done more than simply add new detail to the graphics. Many aspects of the gameplay have also been enhanced to create a game with plenty of technique to compliment the great graphics. A bit easy, but still fun.
Digital Press - Classic Video Games
This is one of those must own games on the console. It's a highly underrated shooter that never seems to get the respect it deserves and if this introduces one person to the game, then I've done my civic duty for the year. Also, if you like this one, check out Metal Warriors. It's almost like a spiritual sequel to this game.
I’ve always wondered about that. I can’t imagine anyone actually playing a game that I review. Do people actually read my reviews? Or, even look at them? If you know, post!
Gamers who enjoyed past run-and-guns like Contra III, Gunstar Heroes and Super C will likely enjoy this overlooked shooter from the SNES, as it has many elements of design in common with those hits but still presents itself distinctively enough to stand on its own. It's not quite as accessible thanks to the adjustment needed to get the right feel for commanding a somewhat-unwieldy mobile suit as opposed to a shirtless jungle man, and its sometimes-overbearing dialogue can be an annoyance. But Cybernator's still a solid selection.
Power Play
Leider konnte der finale Cybernator nicht ganz das halten, was die Messe-Version versprach. Das Positive zuerst: Die Sequenzen, in denen man mit dem Roboter herumläuft, sind herrlich. Von witzigen Grafik-Finessen (wegfliegende Patronenhülsen, aufstiebende Funken) bis zur ausgeklügelten, spannenden Ballerei ist alles im Actionlot. Die Flugsequenzen hingegen sind weit weniger geglückt. Diese präsentieren sich viel zu hektisch, um an das Niveau der „Lauf“-Szenen anzuknüpfen. Hätte man auf diese überflüssigen Einlagen verzichtet, würde eine fettern Wertung nichts im Wege stehen – so reicht's „nur“ für das obere Mittelfeld.
Total! (Germany)
Dank der pompösen Präsentation und der wirklich filmreif in Szene gesetzten Handlung mit vielen kleinen Animationssequenzen, reiht sich Cybernator dennoch unter die guten Actionspiele ein. Es kommt zwar nicht an die „echten“ Konami-Spitzentitel heran, ist aber sicher auch kein Flop. Solltet Ihr die Renner des Genres wie „Probotector“ und „Parodius“ schon auswendig kennen, dann werft auf jeden Fall einen Blick auf Cybernator.
The Video Game Critic
The controls are fair (every button is used), but navigating around enclosed areas can be awkward. The high energy music is a big plus. In retrospect, Cybernator is much better than I ever gave it credit for. I guess I owe Steve an apology.