Demon's Crest Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen
Japanese Title Screen
Boss battle - dragon
Reward - extra health point
Fighting shadows
Another boss battle
Standing on collapsing pillars and trying not to fall on those pink things
Trying to access a moving platform
Big party last night? :)
In a forest
On the cemetery. The hands try to pull Firebrand down, the ghost armour can only be hurt from behind
Boss-fight on the cemetery: Belth
The ground Gargoyle can destroy certain statues
Boss-fight: Ovununu
Beautiful background
Jumping up a wall
Strong winds make this passage difficult (except for the Aeriel Gargoyle)
You'll have to fight "Flier" several times
With the "Buster" you can destroy certain blocks and find new areas
Boss-fight: Flame Lord
Using the Tornado-shot to reach a life-extension
As Tidal Gargoyle Firebrand can swim
Underwater, the controls are completely different, don't swim into the spikes.
Boss-fight: Holothurion
In this passage you have to constantly light the candles
You can buy various spells
This gargoyle explains what each Talisman is good for
Firebrand is constantly carried upwards by the wind in this passage
Going up a rotating tower
The second encounter with general Arma. He has learned some new attacks.
Boss-fight:Grewon is fast and deals a lot of damage
As Aerial Gargoyle, Firebrand can fly upwards
Boss-fight: Crawler
The last Level. Firebrand has taken the form of "Legendary Gargoyle" and summoned an Imp to help him out.