DinoCity Credits (SNES)

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DinoCity Credits


PlannerRush Work
Assistant PlannerEraser Head
Map PlannerRush Work, Eraser Head, Munou No Hito, SDR 200, Shun Kazakami
Character DesignerMunou No Hito, SDR 200
Back Ground DesignerShun Kazakami
Assistant DesignerHiroyuki
Assistant ProgrammerWakkun
System ProgrammerRyouichirou Shobu (Ryouichirou)
Sound ProgrammerMotoyuki Yoshioka (Moto)
Sound ComposerHiroshi Kimura (Hiroshi)
ProducerKozo Okada (K. Okada)
Executive ProducerYoshiyuki Takashima (Y. Takashima)
Special Thanks ToAll Test Players, Bug Check Members
Presented ByIrem Corporation

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (117377), Alaka (53595) and ryanbus84 (17267)