DOOM Credits (SNES)

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DOOM Credits


ProgrammersJohn Carmack, John Romero, Dave Taylor, Michael Abrash
ArtistsAdrian Carmack, Kevin Cloud
Level DesignersJohn Romero, Sandy Petersen, American McGee, Shawn C. Green
Development SupportShawn C. Green
BizJay Wilbur
Biz AssistantDonna Jackson
Original PC MusicRobert Prince
Original PC Sound FXRobert Prince


ProgrammerRandy Linden
Project Mgmt TeamRandy Linden, Kelly Zmak, Vince Bracken
Programmer SupportRandy Linden, Ron Stagg
ArtistsMichael Hunter, Bryan Jacobs, Virginia Sargent
SoundPaul Webb, Bob Dayley
TestingVince Bracken, Gary Rowberry, Chris Olson, Chandler Holbrook, Garon Galloway, Ben Nielson
Doom is My LifeJohn Coffey
Special ThanksJodi Harvey, George Metos, Kevin Kralian, John Morgan


Manual Design & ProductionDebra Austin, Steve High, Shawn Murphy
Quality ControlWilliams Entertainment Testing
Quality AssuranceGuy Chapman

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Credits for this game were contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4601) and Guy Chapman (1739)