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SNES version

Title Screen
Intro: Sun tells Gaia to find an organism that survives through evolution...
Entering First Stage
Dead enemies turn into nice steaks, which heal you when eaten...
Jumping above the surface
After finding a power-up, you momentarily transform into... this
Evolution Menu, here you can chose which body part to upgrade
After a couple evolutions: what a cute sucker
Moving through the first area from level to level
After several more evolutions, even sharks don't scare this guy!
First Boss, biting a chunk out of my fish.
End of first area, bubbles appear and evolution continues...
Gaia announcing the next age
After transformation, warp to next area
Second Area
Proud to be an amphibian
Second Boss... no more screenshots after this because i got crushed and replaced my only 'save' right before that...
It's not much fun to be a reptile in the ice age
A bit of a fantasy
One of the bosses
Gaia, daughter of Sun, talking to you
Bear walking by two legs
There are some deadlock branches of evolution. Such as mermaids
No man will stand against my power
Evolutions rules
Collect meat
I have horn!
Mutated into ray
Armored enemy
Life lost