EarthBound Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen
Inside a room
There are two cops here.
Fighting Fooz the dog.
A secret treasure
Off we go!
The game surely has a sense of humor
You can name your favorite thing... one of the default choices is "Love"!
You have answered all the questions, named all the characters and things. Let's see how it looks like...
Ness at home
Interaction menu
Character information
Outside of the house, at night
The house of Pokey the coward
This outfit is much cooler!
Boss battle
In your district
Visiting the city
Burger restaurant
You can read lots of funny comments...
In a hospital
In an arcade
Options menu
Initial loading screen
You mean Mother 3?
I'm sure you are.
Works for me!
From Pokemon?
Where have I heard that name before? From ScrewAttack? Nah. Just a coincidence I guess.
Venus, and her Venus-Signed Banana Peel (not shown)
Sanctuary in Dalaam
Boating before running into Kraken.
Somewhere in the Stonehenge near the dungeon boss with a lot of people in test tubes?!
Sanctuary before going into the Lost Underworld.
Yet another game breaks the fourth wall.
Worst pun ever.
An obvious Beatles reference.
A potty mouth in a Nintendo game?
A cross in a Nintendo game?