F1 Pole Position Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen
Intro cutscene
Choose the number of players
Human Grand Prix title screen.
Select a course
Machine select screen
Select who to race against
Starting grid
Fine tuning a vehicle
Tuning the steering
Adjusting the hardness of the tires
Adjsting the gears
Choose between having auto or manual gear shifting
Select how hard or soft the brakes are
Adjusting the suspension
Adjusting the vehicles wings
Choose the type of pit work
Have an analog or digital tachometer (or tacometer according to the game)
At the starting line
The race begins
On a straightaway
Pit stop
Final result of a race
Options after a race
Driving on a wet track
Input a name
Round 1 of the World Grand Prix
Menu before a race
Practicing a track
A curve up ahead
Winning a GP.
World Champion.