Fatal Fury 2 Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title Screen
In Game
Options menu
Select your fighter (out of 8 available) and your first competitor
Brotherly Love: Andy Bogard vs. Terry Bogard in the canals of Venice
Jubei Yamada jumps from the background, through a dressing screen, to the foreground. An example of the pseudo 3D gameplay.
Fighting on a train. There's some famous scenery in the background. Again, also notice how Joe Higashi moves from one plane to another
Martial arts battle: Joe Higashi vs. Kim Kaphwan
The Hong Kong stage: Cheng Sinzan vs. Terry Bogard
Andy Bogard uses his special uppercut against Mai Shiranui
Joe Higashi plants his knee in Big Bear's face
Korea: Kim Kaphwan vs. Mai Shiranui
Bonus Stage: destroy as many stone pillars as possible in 30 seconds
Mai Shiranui vs. first boss Billy Kane in front of the Tower Bridge
Cheng throws second boss Axel Hawk
2nd round: Axel Hawk electrocuted on the interactive background. Also note how the the time of the day has changed from the previous screenshot
Third boss Lawrence B. vs. Jubei in Barcelona. Note Gaudi's Sacrada Familia in the background
Big Bear grabs end boss Wolfgang Krauser
Wolfgang Krauser with a reference to Geese Howard, the end boss of the first Fatal Fury game