Fatal Fury Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Introduction. The story behind the game (note that this game is not officially part of the King of Fighters series)
Title Screen
Japanese title screen.
Select your mode of play
The options menu
Select your fighter. Only three fighters are available
You can select the location (and opponent) of your first fight. After that the computer makes the choices
Michael Max uses his tornado-uppercut against Andy Bogard
Round 1: Duck King attacks with a move remniscent of Blanka from Street Fighter 2
Round 2 of the same fight. Note how the background has changed; this battle takes place in the evening instead of the afternoon
Bonus game after your second fight. Hit the tires
Andy Bogard vs. Richard Myer
Behind the scenes an interested Geese Howard follows your progress (Champion Battle)
I didn't know the Hulk had a grandpa. At some point during the fight the old Tung Fu Rue suddenly changes into a muscular brute!
Hwa Jai drinks a potion that turns him into his stronger alter ego
Walking from fight to fight on the map of Southtown City
Raiden grabs Joe Higashi
Terry Bogard vs. Billy Kane with his big stick
Geese Howard and Andy Bogard launching projectiles against each other