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FIFA International Soccer Credits


Developed and Produced byExtended Play Productions
Lead ProgrammerErik T. Kiss
ProgrammersKevin P. Pickell, Bill Fowler
Lead ArtistDavid Adams
ArtistsLaura Luris, Suzan Germic
MusicJeff van Dyck
Sound EffectsJeff van Dyck
Sound TechnologyAlan Stewart
ProducerBruce E. McMillan
Development DirectorKen Lam
Assistant ProducerMarc Aubanel
Product ManagersNeil Thewarapperuma, Chip Lange
Lead TestingJon Bruce
TestersJustin Cooney, David Costa, Wayne Duguay, Marcin Karasinski, Jonathan Kawaguchi, Lee Patterson, Leonard J. Paul, John Santamaria, Matthew Stuart, Burton Tam
Package DesignE.J. Sarraille Design Group
Package Art DirectionNancy L. Fong
DocumentationNeil Cook, Michael Humes
Documentation DesignJennie Maruyama
Quality AssuranceJon Bruce, Terrence Chin, David Schenone
Special Thanks toMatthew Webster, Joe Della-Savia, Jan G. Tian, Rick Friesen, Joss Ellis, Adrienne Travica, Electronic Arts Canada Tech - Finance - and Admin Services

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Credits for this game were contributed by Terok Nor (21951), Joshua J. Slone (4621) and formercontrib (159961)