Written by  :  MasterMegid (902)
Written on  :  Nov 12, 2006
Platform  :  SNES
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What Is With The Developers, And Not Knowing What "Final" Means?

The Good

Final Fight 3, for the SNES, finally, raised the stakes and actually seemed like it was trying to compete, with better Beat ’em Up’s, like Streets Of Rage. In the end however, it is too little too late.

In Final Fight 3, we learn that the Mad Gear Gang, is finished. However the Skull Cross Gang, has taken over. Now, I know that Beat ‘em Up’s are not known for their compelling stories, but this one is a pretty lame attempt, even for a Final Fight game. More on this in the “bad” section of the review.

The fighting, is gasp…more fluid this time, finally! No longer do you fighters move as thought the have been stricken by rigamortis. And the games motley crew, is at last able to pull of special moves! However there still are no tandem moves.

The Graphics is FF3, are much better, than it’s predecessors. Unlike the first two, that barely used the power of the SNES. In this installment, the characters are big on screen, and well detailed. The backdrops look impressive, and almost up to arcade quality.

However, graphics do not make the game, if they did this would be a much better game.

The Bad

Now for my problems with the game. The plot is pretty dumb. If Metro City, is so crime ridden, why the hell bother try to fight it? And like in Final Fight 2, for some reason, the Skull Cross Gang, dumb ass name, is all over the world, now why would a petty gang have influence all over the world? And why is Haggar, the only original fighter that ever returns?

The new fighters are pretty lame, but then again so were Guy and Cody.

The sound, unlike the graphics, have not improved what so ever. It is still crap ass Final Fight. You know, cheesy sound effects, and really bad lame ass jazz esque music. Nothing special here, nor anything particularly good for that matter.

The gameplay is improved, but could have been even better. Sure there are finally special moves, despite the fact that Streets Of Rage has had this since the very 1st game. And animations are no longer stiff. But there could have been team moves, and unlockable fighters, in other words there is still much room for improvement.

The Bottom Line

Overall Final Fight 3, finally make some much needed improvements. In the end however all the changes are too little too late.