Final Fight 3 Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen
Title Screen (Japan)
Opening exposition
Old friends catching up
Options screen
Lucia is ready
Haggar takes a pounding
Haggar; Spinning Piledriver
Dean & Lucia Team Up
Haggar and Guy Team Up
Haggar throws baddie; Guy watches
Haggar presses baddie, Guy gets knocked down
Battling through a jail cell block
The remains of a gas station
I don't think he's a real cop
Round clear
Brawl in an alleyway
Fighting the bouncer and some other goons in a nightclub
Fighting in a nicer neighborhood that can afford some fancy car dealerships; destroying their windows
Fighting on a bridge at sunset
Andore returns for this Final Fight installment
Fighting the captain of a boat
A bonus level where the player has to stop a bulldozer
Battling sewer women
These fighters are so tough that they can jump kick through metal doors
A vaguely mechanical-looking background
High up on an expensive tower
Dispatching 4 ugly fighters in a spacious, luxurious elevator
The walkway to the final boss, who is being delivered by helicopter
The boss makes his presence known
Profile of Guy
Haggar likes hamburger
She's not a good cook... but who cares???
Profile of Dean
Lucia's portrait
Right in enemy
In prison
Spinning kick