Flashback: The Quest for Identity Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title Screen
In Game
Hmm, how can I pass through?
Conrad and his bike
Too late, suckers! He's gone!
Good that I can see those aliens from above
From the intro sequence
Fumbling in your inventory
Weirdly beautiful view, like in "Another World"
Hey, where the hell are you?!..
Trying to climb that ledge...
This pesky guy is always after you
Wake up, Conrad!
I think I stepped onto something...
Some in-game actions lead to an animated cut scene
A duel
TV station? What the...
Options menu
A cut scene between levels
I'd better be careful...
Conrad has fell down!
Conrad is dead
Wow, some talking!
Back to the Earth!
Is this the Earth?!..
The plot thickens
This is surely a strange place...
Weird organic growing
Operating a switch