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Football Fury Credits (SNES)

Football Fury SNES Title screen


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Football Fury Credits


ProgrammerHiroyuki Okada
Planning DirectorsKanmei Asakura, Yasuhisa Kimura
Graphic DesignersKeiz Marky, Kohisamatajiu, Yoshimi Takasugi, Nomura Sunflower, Ken Katoku, Junichiro Kobayashi
Sound ComposerMegumi Matsuura (Megumi Maz-ura)
Sound DirectorShizuyoshi Okamura (Sizzla Gainsbourg)
Sound EngineerMasaki Kase (Magical DJ Masap)
Sampling NarratersMichael, Matthew, Christopher
Special Thanks ToQB.Yamaguchi, LB.Kawauso, Ga!Ga!Ga!Ginga‑Oh, ...and You!
Planning SupervisorShowhey Sugar
Presented BySammy Corporation

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