Foreman for Real Credits (SNES)

Foreman for Real SNES Title Screen


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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Foreman for Real Credits


Acclaim DevelopmentThe Gray Team
ProducerRobert Leingang
Associate ProducersKen Kajikawa, Gregg Giles, James Johnson
AnalystsSteffan Levine, Mark Mermelstein
Administrative AssistantDiane Cambria
Technical DirectorHoward Schwartz
Digital Production GroupRob Zimmelman, Mark Neumann, Marvin Tate
Advanced Technology GroupJeremy Schwartz, Roger Booth, Larry Kelly, Michael Passuello
Control Code DesignerMike Hong
Quality AssuranceCarol Caracciolo, Mat T. Kraemer, Tom Falzone
Lead TesterMike Hong
Boxing ConsultantKeith Glascoe
Interactive DirectorGlenn Wissner
Special ThanksTyrone Miller, Michael Archer

Software Creations

Executive ProducersRichard Kay, Michael Webb, Michele Ahearn
Designed byJeff Carnell, Brian Ulrich
Additional Design byDavid McLachlan, Stephen Ruddy
Programmed byStephen Ruddy
Produced byJeff Carnell
Technical Direction byStephen Ruddy
Art Direction byDavid McLachlan
Animation Direction bySte Thomas
Main ArtistChris Collins
Artwork byJimmy Kowalski, Jeff Sturgeon
Animation byAlan Moult, Andy Wilson
Additional Artwork byMat Medina, Adrian Bourne
Sound Effects byChris Jojo, Paul Tonge, Suddi Raval
Music byChris Jojo, Paul Tonge, Suddi Raval
Game Testing byAndy Abramovici
Special ThanksRobert Ahearn, Rob Sturdevant, The Tacoma Boxing Club, John Pickford, Ste Pickford, Lorraine Starr, Kevin Edwards, Marc Wilding, Jennifer Knapper, Irene J. Kruppa, Joe Hawkins, Sam The Dog, Peter Andrew, Andrew Routledge, Evan Dean

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