Front Mission: Gun Hazard Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title Screen
Introduction Text
Albert suits up for escort duty
A wanzer and it's transportation truck
President Orwen and escort
An ambush in the middle of the forest
Frozen traffic on a cold ice filled bridge
A giant energy shield blocks the path
Urban combat
A dark, wet cave somewhere
Trying to defend against an armed carrier takes pot shots at flat-bed transport
ED-209's Wanzer cousin
Turrets and small spaces are an effective defense
Scaffolding outside of a government building
An explosion forcibly opens the wall where these two men were hiding
This desert landscape has seen non-stop fighting for too long
Chaos in the Mercenary camp
Sandcrawlers are so rarely seen outside of Tatooine
An enemy base lit by moonlight
Each region is marked by a tactical map showing routes between areas
Even though it's a factory, it's still defended
The laser weapon cuts through an enemy wanzer
At times the passage narrows so that the big heavily armored wanzer needs to be left behind
A giant hanger, once you remember how big the Wanzer is in the first place
The wanzer is airtight, but still not designed for underwater usage
Once thriving cities fall under the power of the Wanzers
Outside of the hydro-electricity dam