Ghost Chaser Densei (SNES)

Ghost Chaser Densei Screenshots

SNES version

Our heroes
Title Screen
Briefing Screen
Strange things are afoot at the Game Center
Demonstrating Iyo's charge super
And a throw. Unlike the other two characters, Iyo can throw both forwards and backwards.
Each level will have a unique weapon sitting in plain view, but none of them are particularly useful.
I see you
Neo Tokyo's sewers have the best udon bowls, or so I have heard.
Iyo's spinning move gives her some breathing room.
Is this a bad time?
Boss #1 is lowered in
Its gattling gun isn't just for show
A few whacks from Iyo's mace is enough to send this bot back to beta.
If posing during a results screen is wrong, I don't want to be right.
The next terrorist base is strategically located in a theme park.
A secret elevator leads to the sewers...
...which is filled with Blankaroids as far as the eye can see.
Minor enemies will rarely drop healing items.
Boss #2 is slightly more talkative than his predecessor
This Jushin Liger knockoff spends most of the fight rolling around the room.
A between level bonus stage. Hit the terrorist holograms for bonus points...
...and avoid hitting civilian holograms.
Three excellent reasons not to visit the docks at night.
in the future, there will be jet-ski terrorists.
Iyo's mid-air spinning piledriver will knock out most minor enemies in a single hit.
He may go down in five hits, but he definitely knows how to make an entrance.
Crashing couples' night
Level 3 pits you against the lord of the seas himself.
He seems to have picked up some tricks from his older brother Jupiter.
He also likes to taunt you after a hit, draining your special bar.
Makai's flaming jump kick can rack up multiple hits as well as carry several enemies.
The Appleseed inspired Belva's grapple special defeats most minor enemies in one hit.
Belva unleashes his charge special on an innocent truck.
Belva is far too hip for this joint, and decides to double jump out.