Goof Troop Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title Screen
Password Screen
First Intro Screen
Character Select
The Island
In-game Level 1
It may be quicker to solve puzzles in co-op
Level 1 boss
Level 2. Solving the puzzle under fireball fire
Hm, we need two items to get everything on these islands
Hitting enemy with hookshot only stuns him for a second
Now we're able to get all the items here
These cannons can be destroyed with their own cannon balls
Time to dig for items
Level 2 boss
In-game Level 3
Dark room
Navigate carefully
Some of these knights are alive
Ride the platform to get to the door
and bats
Level 3 boss
In-game Level 4
Run for it Max!
Ice room (slippery of course)
Fire-breathing pirate (had too much rum?)
Riding minecarts
Level 4 boss
In-game Level 5
Aboard the pirate ship
Step on direction pads to get across the chasm. Bad thing is they swap constantly
Give them the taste of their medicine
Final boss -- Keelhaul Pete
Game Over!
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