Hagane: The Final Conflict Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen
Attacking two enemies at once with a flaming kick
First midboss
Bombs don't have a high range, but are fairly powerful
Stage 1-2, bossfight
Hagane jumps off a wall. The giant worms respawn constantly.
Moving platforms
Attacking from above
Another special attack
Self-scrolling level, don't fall into the pits!
Attack the flying guy while dodging the attacks of the statues
Dodge the flames!
There are many different standard enemies with different attacks
Using throwing knives against this boss
Stage 1
Enemy's ninjas explode!
Many explosions
Game over
Intro - armor on feet
Big enemy... but I can kill him.
Three on one? unfair. I will kill you all!
Stage 1-2
What is that?
I'm damaged.