Hammerlock Wrestling Credits (SNES)

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Hammerlock Wrestling Credits


Programed byHitoshi Sekiya (credited as セキヤヒトシ), Ryuji Yoshimoto, Takamichi Nitta, Kinjō Nakagawa (credited as Kinjoe)
Designed byKeiichi Maekawa (credited as Lakuku 1994), Masayoshi Shimura (credited as M.S : アヤ '94 : E.S), Masato Arakawa, Sayuri Yokota (credited as Sayuri♥Yokota), Come Back Unicorn!, Akira Miyazaki (credited as A. Miyazaki), Shinji
Composed bySuguru Ishida
Thanks toMorita Kachisato (credited as Kachisato Morita), Mizutani, Kawamura, Makoto Matsuda (credited as M. Matsuda), ジシュトリアソ '94, Yōichi Fukushima (credited as Y Fukushima V1), Jaleco Over Seas Department, K. Saito, Michael Hardt, Jaleco R&D 3, All Staff, WAR (Wrestle and Romance), And... You
Directed byYuki Arai

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