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Farming is a lot better than it sounds thrawn (61) 4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars
Confirm the origin of fire. Everything is alright! Iris-chan (72) 4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars
Who the heck wants to be a farmer?!? Andrew Taylor (8) 1.2 Stars1.2 Stars1.2 Stars1.2 Stars1.2 Stars
Damn Addictive.... Andrew Douglas (10) 4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.1
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.9
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.4
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.8
Overall User Score (41 votes) 3.8

Critic Reviews

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1UP! (Apr 24, 2012)
Sa note d'excellence, son 90%, est-elle alors méritée ? Ma foi, oui, pour deux raisons précises. La première est que Harvest Moon est un véritable précurseur, même s'il n'a pas nécéssairement eu une grande influence dans le milieu car trop peu répandu. Il était là avant les Sims, avant Animal Crossing, même avant les principales simulations de vie (Tamagotchi, Creatures...). Cette primeur malheureusement lui est trop rarement reconnue. Pourtant, c'est l'un des premiers vrais jeux, peut-être même le tout premier, à proposer une simulation de l'activité humaine qui en inclut les trois concepts fondamentaux: le travail, les rapports sociaux et la famille, ainsi que des aspects secondaires comme notre relation avec la nature et les animaux, la religion.
Throughout your two and a half years you will be encountered by martians, meet a snow fairy, and even see a sick looking gorilla! I love the way Natsume brings the feeling of being a farmer onto the SNES. This game takes a lot of time and there isn't a bunch of action all the time, so the game isn't for everyone. If you make the right choices and work hard you will end up with an awesome farm and your parents will be satisfied.
Total! (Germany) (Oct, 1997)
Wenn Ihr Euch für (realistische) Simulationen interessiert und mal den Ernst des Landlebens kennenlernen wollt, ist Harvest Moon genau das richtige. Das Bestellen der Felder, die Pflege der Tiere, die Erkundung der Gegend und die Unterhaltungen mit den Menschen bereiten sehr viel Kurzweil. Endlich kann man einmal Landwirt sein, ohne selber aufs Feld zu müssen.
IGN (Feb 11, 2008)
Harvest Moon was a weird but well-envisioned game when it first came to the SNES in 1997, and those who had the chance to play the original were probably not too surprised to see so many sequels and spin-offs in the decade since. What makes the game especially compelling in the end is its simplicity and value. Also, because this is the first Harvest Moon game, it's more accessible than some of the most recent and more complicated franchise installments. In short, give Harvest Moon a shot. It's a great role-playing experience and great sim rolled into one, and there's a reason why it kicked off a full franchise that's still releasing new installments on nearly every platform today -- farming is fun.
Harvest Moon started the whole farming simulator genre, which really hasn’t exploded even to this gay. The game is real fun and easy to play; kids and adults can pick this game up and play it with no worries. Trying to find this game for your SNES might be a little hard so your best bet is to buy it on your Virtual Console. For only eight dollars you can enjoy this game, the simple game play is really enjoyable.
Just Games Retro (Aug 31, 2013)
Later Harvest Moons add complexity and refine some of the mechanics, but the first is still surprisingly enjoyable. It’s satisfying to make progress in building up a farm that’s truly your own, without suffering through any of that pesky physical labor. The two and a half year cap is disappointing, but encourages multiple playthroughs, and the multiple endings reward players for improving each time. It is, however, ultimately a game about chores, and as such will not be for everyone. But if you’re curious, give it a try. Tending virtual crops might be more fun than you expect.
RPGFan (Nov 26, 1998)
You should know that this isn't the game for everyone, the action is really on the dry side, but if you're an rpg freak or just want to be a farmer for a while then give it a shot, you probably won't be dissapointed. You either love it or hate it. At least it's unique and one of the few truly innovative games out there. Another thing it has that most games don't is replay value. Look for an upcoming N64 version and a gameboy version which has already been released. It wins my recomendation.
Retro Archives (Nov 24, 2017)
Partant d’un postulat très original – et a priori pas franchement séduisant sur le papier – Harvest Moon réussit à transformer ce qui aurait pu être une expérience rébarbative en une simulation simple à jouer qui parvient à se renouveler tout en conservant sa part de mystère suffisamment longtemps pour réussir à vous tenir en haleine jusqu’à la fin de la partie – et peut-être même au-delà. En dépit de ses indéniables qualités, le titre repose néanmoins sur un concept répétitif par essence qui ne fera pas nécessairement l’unanimité parmi les joueurs – surtout lorsqu’on se souvient que la série a fait du chemin depuis en proposant de très nombreuses nouvelles idées absentes de ce premier épisode. Quoi qu’il en soit, l’expérience reste aujourd’hui aussi rafraichissante que déstabilisante, et vaut largement la peine d’être tentée.
HonestGamers (Aug 06, 2005)
Instead one gets to slog through the entire boring process all over again the next year, albeit with improved tools that allow you to maintain an even larger area of crops every day. Hurray. It isn’t until the third summer that the game finally ends, and there’s really very little point in continuing that far, because Harvest Moon simply isn’t fun to play. Rather it becomes inescapably dull and dreary to the point that it feels like a series of chores rather than an amusement. Maybe this just isn’t my type of game, but despite its superficially inventive premise, I really don’t see how “tedious exercises in monotony” could be anyone’s type of game. Perhaps an unbelievably patient sort of player that loves to build up fictitious revenue might be able to coax a little enjoyment into taking sprout, but those with a predilection for action, adventure, or merely a little variety now and again will find that these fields are ultimately barren.