Hook (SNES)

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Written by  :  Stsung (53)
Written on  :  Nov 24, 2008
Platform  :  SNES
Rating  :  4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars

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A movie-game that will get you Hook-ed

The Good

The graphics are great with very smooth animation on your character. I recall Hook being one of the most popular games of 1992 and almost all my friends had it and were blown away. The cut scenes serve their purpose and do not obstruct the game

The levels and the game's story follow the movie closely while taking a few liberties here and there. The music also borrow tracks from the movie (which are great to hear in all their 16-bit glory) and the controls are very responsive, making this a very well-rounded game on every level

The Bad

The game is 11 levels long, but most are just too easy due to a not-so-good AI, with the possible exception of Level 10 (Aboard Hook's Ship) where spiked pits and traps are everywhere.

The golden Sword, while a essential weapon, you lose it with only one hit and getting it back requires searching for hidden areas, especially in the latter levels. I wish you kept the sword permanently after level 2.

Lastly, Peter Pan moves a little show at first but, like in the Mario series, he gains pace while holding the attack button. But this is not a serious flaw and it doesn't hinder the gameplay.

The Bottom Line

if you liked the movie like I sure did, then this game is definitely worth buying because it follows the storyline pretty closely. In a sea of often terrible games that insult the movies they're based upon, this one is definitely a diamond in the rough.

This game is also a must-have for any avid video-gamer or SNES collector.