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Jungle Strike Credits


Game DesignElectronic Arts
ProgrammingRichard Stevenson, Andrew Chapman
Additional ProgrammingAshley Bennett
ArtAdrian Carless, Pete Daniels, Paul Gregory, Michael Hirst
SoundNeil Biggin
MusicNeil Biggin
Additional HelpMike Hart, Simon Short, Roger Taylor
3D ModelsElectronic Arts
Project ManagerAnthony Casson
Technical DirectorJames North-Hearn
Quality ControlLee Campbell, Simeon Furniss, Mick Sheehan

Japanese Version Staff - Electronic Arts Victor Inc.

ProducerShinichiro Takagi
Assistant ProducerYasuhiro Suzuki, Futoshi Maruyama
ProgrammingHidefumi Ohara
TranslationTohokushinsha Film Corp., Kenichi Igarashi
ManualIchiro Watanabe
PackageIchiro Watanabe
Software TestingNobuaki Horie

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Credits for this game were contributed by fooziex (2904), 雷堂嬢太朗 -raido.jotaro- (58360) and formercontrib (159879)