King Arthur's World Credits (SNES)

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King Arthur's World Credits

Argonaut Software Ltd. (London, England)

Managing DirectorJeremy Sands
ProducerJon Dean
Game DesignN. Halstead, Nigel Brownjohn, S. Butler, J. Dean, Darren Drabwell, Dylan Cuthbert, Ian Crowther, Stephen Robertson (as S. Robertson)
Game CodeN. Halstead, Colin Reed, Ian Crowther
Game ArtworkNigel Brownjohn, S. Butler, M. Risley, Stephen Robertson (as S. Robertson)
Game SoundM. Simpson, Justin Scharvona
Special ThanksJ. San, R. San, B. Humble, Richard Clucas, Fuzzy Tuffty

Jaleco Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan)

Jaleco Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan)Hiroyuki Saigusa, T. Kaneko, H. Nunokawa, Takanori Kazaana, Tarō Sasahara, and all at Jaleco Ltd.

Jaleco Europe (London, England)

Jaleco Europe (London, England)Mark Scriven, M. Watanabe, Norman Leftly

Jaleco USA (Northbrook, IL)

PresidentHoward Rubin
Product ManagementJeff Hill, Scott Lawrence
Advertising/MarketingEarl Bless
International CoordinationMasao Ohata, Oliver Tang
Management & Supervision of Marketing, Advertising, & Package DesignSusan Kazmer (President - Marketing Solutions)
Package Design & LayoutDan Carstens, Linda Voll
Package Copy WriterMike Landers
Instruction Manual WriterKate Hunt
Instruction Manual Design & LayoutJack Nichols (Jack Nichols Design)
Game Testers (USA)Gloria Adams, Eric Fensler, Michael Hardt, Michael Lee, Butch O'Malley, Eric Rosenzweig, Joe Sislow
Special ThanksBetty Rubin
More Special ThanksJacqui Lyons
Best Fries East of IdahoCravings of Northbrook IL
Interplanetary Mix Phase444

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Credits for this game were contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4676)