Knights of the Round Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

The story
Title screen
Pick your character
Round 1 start
Barrels contain gold and power ups
The weight of their swords slow them down
Grunt soldiers
The first boss, Scorn
Level up
When you level up your armour changes
A lying birdman
This boss, Bradford, rides a horse
Percival joins the fight
Your trusty steed
Sir Lancelot I presume
Tigers are very quick but easy to kill
The boss known as Arlon
Well done youve taken the castle but there's more fighting to be done yet
Barbarians are good sword fighters
This boss is lightning quick
And he can split into three so you dont know which one is real
Percival in gold armour
Food restores your health
Archers get in quick and they have no chance
Arthur wears a cape with this armour
This is were it goes a bit manga
Super demon samurai balls of fire rain the sky
Game over
Stage 2 Clear!
Go to castle
Arthur on the horse