The Legend of the Mystical Ninja Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

English Title screen
Title Screen(Japan)
Intro - Kid Ying and Dr. Yang about to take care of the ghost woman
In the first village - Cats can be collected to upgrade your weapon from a pipe to a yo-yo
In a store - Here you can buy armor, bombs and pizza
The first jump'n run level in single-player mode
The ghost woman
Cutscene of traveling to another island
Warlock Zone 2
Inside a house - Sometimes villagers can give some helpful advise
A "cutscene"
An arcade
There are lots of mini-games: A maze-mini-game ...
... A Breakout-clone
... You can even play Gradius!
This isn't what it looks like; it's just a dice-mini-game
At the entrance to another jump'n run level
Intro to the next Warlock Zone
A Boss-fight
In the amusement park
The octopus from Parodius
On the fourth island
This whole stage can be rotated by jumping on certain switches
A tricky passage
After you've finished these guys ...
... you have to deal with this huge face
2-player: funny move, one ninja on top the other
2-player maze
2-player in the village (zone 2)