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Prehistoric chapter: intro
Prehistoric chapter: main "hub", the dwellings of cavemen
Prehistoric chapter: chasing a mammoth
Prehistoric chapter: party, equipment, and item management
Hey, nice apartment for a prehistoric age
Chinese chapter: the old master
Chinese chapter: beautiful view
Japanese chapter: infiltrating the residence
Japanese chapter: inside
Japanese chapter: fighting
Wild West chapter
Modern chapter consists of a series of fights
The fights in the modern chapter look like those of a fighting game, but they are tactical turn-based, like the rest of the game
A typical Wild West town
Modern chapter: training
Near future chapter: you have a mind-reading ability and can just read the thoughts of any NPC. Cool, right?
Near future chapter: intro
Near future chapter: cool battle against a biker gang
Near future chapter: nice house
Science fiction chapter
Controlling a robot
As the great kung-fu master Roshi, you've finally found your way to the enemy's castle...