Magical Pop'n Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title Screen
Intro: The Magic Gem
Intro: In the Toaru castle lived the Princess.
Intro: During the Princess' lessons, the crystal ball suddenly emit a huge flash which is interpreted as a bad omen.
Intro: That night, a mysterious figure orders his army out to steal the Magic Gem.
Intro: Princess uses her magic beam and chases away the enemy
Stage 1 begins
Use your sword to slash at enemies
Using the beam at a mini-boss
As you advance in the stages, you will receive new magic powers
Using the spin move to spin up walls
You may confronted with blocks that will require a specific magic power to get past
Using the magic chain to swing along
Use the Ice move to turn fiery obstacle to ice and then slash it with your sword to break it
Stage Clear!
Using one of the special moves. Each magic move has a regular move and a special move
Using the fire move to melt down icy blocks
Using the fire special move against the Snowman Boss
Getting a piece of cake to refill the heart meter
Game Over screen