The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen (US)
The world map
The first level, jumping on a bee.
Mickey can grab and spin blocks to attack.
With these tomatoes Mickey can fly for a short while.
This mid-boss keeps showing up in different forms.
Jumping over slippery tree trunks.
The first boss
With the magic turban Mickey can shoot...
... and breath under water.
Don't get smashed!
These stores can be found in some levels.
The second boss
Going down into the Fire Grotto.
Mid-boss - don't get pushed into the spikes.
Mickey got his fireman uniform.
With it, he can extinguish fire...
... and move big or small blocks.
Move moving platforms into different positions to reach new areas.
Boss fight - keep shooting at him before he heats up again.
Mickey gets his climber outfit.
With this outfit he can climb and swing...
... as well as attack: Here he is stealing a shield.
Watch out for the winds.
Another boss-fight: attack him with magic, water or chickens...
... and hold on to something when he comes flying past.
Ice level - shoot these blocks with water to create platforms.
Riding on an icy platform.
Mickey changes his outfit.
Boss fight: Ice-skating Walrus
In front of Pete's castle
Jumping over armoured bats.
There are many passages through Pete's castle.
Using the turban to activate the flying carpet.
Flying through spikes.
Fighting him for the last time.
The final boss, Pete