Mario is Missing! Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

"NO! Not again! HELP ME!!!"
After some unexpected facts, the title screen appears with 2 options.
There are 5 doors to choose. Pick one of them and begin to search for Mario around the world!
When you press START, these options appears. The 1st shows the 3 recouped objects.
Selecting CITY MAP, the screen shows a full vision of the city. Very helpful!
The GLOBULATOR option allows you control Yoshi to the city where you are.
I think I am in Buenos Aires, so I'll try sending Yoshi there.
Yoshi appeared! Luigi must be on Yoshi's back to complete the stage.
Return the lost objects, answer a questionnaire and earn the reward offered!
Luigi and Yoshi giving a good example in the "transit"... :-)
Use the pipes scattered in the city to shorten distances and save some time.