Mario's Super Picross Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title Screen
Starting a new file
Mario's Picross: Choose a level or view the tutorial.
Tutorial: Press A to chisel and B to mark a square with an "X"
Level one: Selecting the first problem
Decide whether to have hints or not.
Starting the first puzzle.
Since the columns only have 5 squares, columns marked with "5" can be chiseled out completely.
By accessing your start menu you can ask for hints, save or quit any time
Game Over
As you advance in the game, the puzzles will get larger and therefore more difficult
This puzzle turns out to say "Ri"
Finished level one!
Wario steps in and presents "Wario's Picross"
Wario's Picross menu: Choose a level or view the tutorial
Wario's Tutorial: Explaining how there are no time limits and no game overs.
Starting a problem in level one
Well this one's easy!
Chisel every square under the column marked "10"
This one is a footprint!
The only way to get a "Game Over" in Wario's puzzles is by selecting "Give Up" in the start menu
Selecting the your saved game