Marvel Super Heroes in War of the Gems Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen
Choose your level
Character select
Spider-Man vs Evil Thing in training
The Cap vs Evil Sasquatch in training mode
Wolverine vs Black Heart in training mode
Iron Man vs Evil Daredevil in training mode
Iron Man blast Evil Daredevil in training mode
Hulk faces down Evil Iron Man in training mode.
Hilk takes an uppercut from Evil Iron Man in training mode
Hulk fighting evil She Hulk doubles in the Amazon
Select your item before a mission
Spider-Man in the Boston Aquarium
Spider-Man fights Evil Puck in the flooded aquarium
Underwater boss fight
Wolverine takes on two Evil Wolverines and an Evil Daredevil in Alaska
Wolverine with the claw-rush
Iron Man tussles with Doctor Doom soldier's in Doom's castle
Iron man platforming action
Iron Man takes out two guards with a single punch
Captain America isn't too fond of regular Wolverine, so it's a good bet his likes his evil doppelganger even less.
The Cap vs a demonic copy of The Man Without Fear
Captain America throws his shield at Evil Puck in Alaska
Iron Man versus Iron Man versus Iron Man
Wolverine versus evil clones
"Bub"... I love this guy!!
Captain says: "i hate smokers"
Spidey versus Dr. Doom
Spidey wins again!
Spider Sense, huh? Yeah, right!
Evil Thing Strikes Back
The Hulk versus Thanos