The Mask Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Main menu
Options screen
Overall game map
The first level is the Stanley's apartment building
The Mask transports with ease through all manner of pipes and ventilation ducts
First Boss, Mrs. Peeman
What would a platform jumping stage be without those "people throwing out stuff through some kind of a hole" be?
Duking it out on the street
Taking on a malevolent street clown
Even the demolition equipment wants The Mask dead
The boss for the street level
Stanley brings out the big guns
He also has a giant mallet at his disposal
The bank heist level
The boss for the bank level
Strolling through a crime ridden park
The Mask is actually collecting a lot of money in the trees here
The Mask spends a level in jail
The jail boss; the jail has a great view and THQ's massive skyscraper dominates the skyline
The Mask breaks out of jail and goes down to the sewer
Approaching the nightclub
Taking on Dorian's goons in the nightclub
Facing off with Dorian (how can they both be wearing the mask?)