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Mega Man 7 (SNES)

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In the Japanese version, when you return to the laboratory after beating a stage, sometimes you will get Roll or Auto instead of Dr. Light to welcome you, as opposed to the western version where you always get Dr. Light.

Contributed by Bregalad (924) on Jun 25, 2006. -- edit trivia

If you need to know how to say the name of newcomer robot Bass, it's "Bass" said like "base" (his name is a musical term...bass music, get it?), not like "bass" as in the fish.

Contributed by Satoshi Kunsai (1810) on Apr 05, 2003. -- edit trivia

The ending for Mega Man 7 marks the first time ever that Mega Man ever considered killing someone. In this case, after he defeated Dr. Wily, he threatened to shoot and kill him, screaming that he's going to do what he should've done years ago. Dr. Wily, of course, hides behind the First Law of Robotics, which clearly states that a robot can not injure or kill humans. Mega Man returns that back by saying "I am more than just a robot! Die Wily!!!".

But of course, Wily got away AGAIN, and lived to fight again in Mega Man 8.

Contributed by Satoshi Kunsai (1810) on Jun 07, 2002. -- edit trivia